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One classic comedy that in my eyes is a milestone film is 2004’s White Chicks. Let me tell you why I believe it represents the future of comedy.

White Chicks might not be the most obvious choice but when I saw it on the TV listings for ITV2 10 years on from its release and then saw it trend on twitter during the showing I realised this is a film that is still relevant to this day.

The Wayans keep White Chicks as a family project in this American buddy cop film, with Kennen Ivory Wayans talking the helm as director, while Shawn and Marlon take on lead acting duties as they play disgraced FBI agents who are in desperate need to prove their worth after flopping a big assignment. They end up going undercover as spoilt sisters Brittany and Tiffany Wilson leading to chaos ensuing in the Hamptons, as they try to uncover a kidnap plot while maintaining this double life.WC 1

The concept is similar to many other successful films such as the ultimate undercover movie Mrs Doubtfire and the Big Momma’s House trilogy.

It is easy to see why this formula of men dressing up as women and undertaking this new life, all while trying not to get caught works so well as it is just comedy gold.

These types of simple storylines are effective and attract audience’s attention as they provide a lot of funny, awkward situations. Two highlights from the film which represent this is the girl’s crude sleepover scene, and ‘Tiffany’ being the object of affections of wealthy businessman Latrell. The whole element of two African-American men experiencing life as Caucasian women is the most hilarious part as it is a complete role-reversal.WC 3

White Chicks exposes the messy, superficial lives of the rich, which gives us explosive viewing however the subplot of the kidnap and embezzlement story plays second fiddle to the main shenanigans, it lacks prominence and only serves as a device to get the Wayans brothers in heels. The film has all the right ingredients – romance, humour and a great cast, with Marlon and Shawn’s comedic talents shining through and resulting in an elite double act. Busy Phillips also puts in a good performance as Karen the dim but kind-hearted friend of the Wilson sisters.

Overall White Chicks is a film that really hasn’t aged, the jokes still have me in laughing fits ten years on and it displays how the buddy cop, undercover film scenario can still work.

The overwhelming success of 21 Jump Street is a testament to this. Nowadays some films go over the top to entertain but White Chicks gets the mix just right. Comedy films just need a simple story teamed with a great cast to bring the funny characters alive, along with some unusual circumstances to put them in, and there you have the perfect comedy.

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