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Emma Sturgis breaks down the dos and don’ts of creating that perfect cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

There’s nothing quite like sitting back and enjoying a movie in the comfort of your own home. Unless, of course, you’re enjoying that movie in your own home cinema. A home cinema can provide a great escape. A home cinema is great for relaxing, having people over, or showing off your own work. If you are a home filmmaker, a home cinema is almost essential. Follow these few elements to achieve the perfect home cinema.

Sound off

A quality surround sound system is one of the most essential components of a great home cinema. When it comes to the picture, if you’re sitting far enough away, a higher resolution won’t matter, but the sound will be heard no matter where you are.

Higher wattages don’t always mean a better system, though it certainly doesn’t hurt. The best way to achieve good sound, though, is to ensure your speaker cabinets are large enough to allow for the rich resonance that makes chest-thumping sound. Pair good speakers with a high-powered amp and you’ll be well on your way to never needing to go to a movie cinema again.

Clean It Up

The best home cinema systems are also the ones that look the most finished and professional. Exposed cables not only look extremely tacky but also can be a tripping hazard. If you don’t have a power outlet where you need it, have an electrician or an experienced company that works with electrical systems, like Degree C Pty Ltd, install one. Run cables through walls, ensuring that you insulate cables that carry audio or video signals to reduce interference from electrical cables. When it’s all said and done, there should be nothing to distract you from your movie-watching experience.

Sit Back

It makes no sense to have an incredible home cinema only to outfit it with uncomfortable chairs. A seat that doesn’t reduce pressure points and ensure good posture will lead to a lot of leg and back pain during the course of a long movie, certainly not how you want to be spending your time. Utilise seats which will be easy to clean for all the inevitable spills of popcorn and soda so you won’t have to stress when the movie takes you by surprise.

Lights On

Another problem you can encounter when watching a movie is eyestrain which leads to headaches. This occurs when you watch a movie in a totally dark room and the contrast between dark and light strains your eyes. To avoid this distracting annoyance, install dimmable light fixtures on either side of the screen so you can have just enough light during the movie to reduce contrast and prevent eyestrain.

All the Rest

Of course, a truly great home cinema will also be equipped with a popcorn maker so you can enjoy the quintessential movie snack whenever you’d like. Once your cinema is perfect, it’s time to find every excuse to invite friends and family over to enjoy quality time spent together. You’ll find that not just the movie, but the time spent talking and catching up before and after the movie, will be wonderfully enjoyable.

Posted on Mar 13, 2018

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