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Do you want to keep up to date with the latest film industry news? Do you want to stay abreast of new opportunities for emerging talent? And would you like to know what the next generation of industry leaders are doing today?

The Spread is the official publication of Cinema Jam, an organisation of hundreds of filmmakers and freelancers based in London with growing membership around the world. Our community of emerging talent have a vast amount of collective expertise, insight and inspiration which we think should be shared with those outside the community.

So we’ve created this magazine to further connect the people of Cinema Jam to other parts of the film industry as well as to the public at large. In its digital pages you will find industry insights, thought-provoking opinion pieces, and showcases of new talent.

I hope you’ll find the gifted and passionate people in this community as inspiring as I do.

Jared Fryer
Writer/Director and Founder of Cinema Jam


Jared Fryer, Founder of Cinema Jam and Editor-at-Large of The Spread, is a London-based writer/director. After some early success in writing and directing theatre, Jared became well-acquainted with the Los Angeles film business while attending UCLA. Upon graduation he returned to his native England and worked for several years as a freelancer in London doing everything from producing to lighting to art department. Armed with this experience he returned to writing/directing and founded Cinema Jam to help other people in their film careers.

Mark Birrell is the Editor-in-Chief of The Spread as well as a copywriter, film-blogger and lifelong cinephile who received his bachelors in Film and Comparative Literature from the University Of London.  

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