Don't Lie Awake At night wondering when your editing career will Really take off

Learn industry secrets from Chris Wyatt (THIS IS ENGLAND, GOD'S OWN COUNTRY, '71 )

Chris Wyatt editing his first film, Peter Greenaway's The Baby of Mâcon (1993)

Becoming a really successful ​editor is hard. We can make it easier.

Do you worry about where your career will be in five years? Most people do.

Sometimes it feels as though no matter how talented and hard working you are, you can't seem to consistently land jobs on the big films and commercials that you would like. 

Are you making a good impression with producers? Is your showreel strong enough? Maybe you just don't know the right people?  

It seems like you're doing everything right, and yet your career isn't moving as quickly as it should.

Guess what? The people at the top felt the same way at one point. People like This is England editor Chris Wyatt were not born successful. ​

But he spent years learning the skills of his trade. Skills like how to manage difficult relationships with producers.  Or how to put together a showreel that regularly gets you work on big productions. And then there are those skills which many people don't even realise they need, like knowing when it's best to ignore notes.

What if you could avoid years of frustration by learning these skills directly from Chris Wyatt himself? What if you could do it on a fun weekend in central London, alongside a small group of other like-minded freelancers?

What if you could walk away from a weekend feeling inspired and confident, with the skills and connections to prepare you for the next phase in your career?

"I'm not going to become wildly successful from one weekend!" you might say.

Well, that's true. You still have to put in the work. But chances are you're already putting in the work. And it's hard.

Now's the time to make it easier.


Introducing a transformative two-day course...

How to edit a
bafta-winning film
with Chris ​Wyatt

A masterclass from Cinema Jam in partnership with ShortCourses@NFTS - the gold standard in film industry professional development

23rd-24th of June 10:00-18:00 in a secret Central London location

Acclaimed editor Chris Wyatt shares his insider industry knowledge with a maximum of 25 working film professionals.

He will draw from lessons learned over the course of his career working on major feature films like This is England, '71 and God's Own Country.

Topics will range from the creative, such as how to find the emotional motivation in sequence, to the more practical, including going from assembly to final cut and how to get hired on your dream job.

Wyatt will use selections from his body of work as case studies to explain the creative and practical solutions he has found over the years and then show the participants how to apply these solutions to their own work.

This course will be highly interactive, with lively discussions that will continue into the evening as the tutor joins the participants for a drink at the pub at the end of each day.


Case studies from

major films

Feedback on your showreel or other past work

Career advice tailored to your personal goals

Entrance into a network of highly successful alumni

Practical techniques you can apply immediately 

Evenings spent at the pub with a living legend

Participants of our April 2018 course enjoying a round on us at the end of the day

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    Who’s it for?  This course is ideal for editors and assistant editors, as well as for directors, producers and other film professionals who want to better understand editing at the highest level
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    Where is it? A secret Central London location
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    How much does it cost? £397 for two full days of instruction. Complimentary lunch and light refreshments provided during the day and drinks down the pub on Saturday evening.

See what previous students of our editing courses say:

"​Most inspiring two days for my career ever. Will go back to my edit assisting job with some new skills, tips and stories​!"

​Robert Smith 

​Assistant Editor

"Really valuable insight into working practices of accomplished editors. It was a great experience"

Justin Harris 


"Fantastic teaching. Debunked many myths. Created a sense of camaraderie between the participants and teachers"

Esmé Hicks 


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Course Outline

Day 1

1/    Introduction and bio

  • What made me get into the film industry and become an editor
  • Getting started and catching breaks
  • The apprenticeship route – new alternatives
  • Imagining the physicality of film as a tool to help you in the digital world
  • New paths to jobs and why it’s crucial to be at the top of someone’s ‘inbox’
  • Why you shouldn’t rush your career

2/    What it really means to be a Film Editor

  • Seeing yourself as a conduit between director/audience
  • Feel it – don’t think it – the motivation behind constructing a sequence
  • Be your own person – it’s important that something works emotionally for you
  • Be true to the director’s vision but don’t always agree on the path to take
  • Examples

3/    Workflow - Assembly to fine cut

  • The joy of the assembly/editors cut – the calm and serenity of the director’s cut and the threat of intrusion at the point of screening and ‘other voices’
  • Working on location
  • How does environment factor on the edit?
  • The differences in dealing with hands on and hands off directors.
  • The difference between small independent films and larger studio films
  • The ‘test’ screening
  • How to ignore notes but read an audience response
  • Examples

Day 2

4/    The Montage/Working with music/Sound Design

  • Editing requires an innate sense of rhythm – it’s no surprise that it’s a large part of the process
  • When to use it and at what stage to start using it
  • When not to use it
  • How to be sure you’re not using Music as an emotional crutch because you’ve lost confidence with your material
  • How much sound design to include in the rough cut
  • Examples – ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ – ‘This is England’ – ’71 – ‘God’s Own Country’

5/    Documentary/Drama

  • Working in both – the parallels between the two
  • Documentary a purer form of filmmaking?
  • How documentary editing experience will help with working on drama
  • How the renaissance of the documentary now uses much more ‘drama’ orientated scenes and structure
  • Examples - Going Postal (a documentary about rampage massacres in the US) – Lost Children of Berlin (a documentary about a school reunion at the last Jewish school in Berlin that was shut by the Nazi’s) – Dreams of a Life (where documentary and drama coexist)

6/    Script to Screen

  • Examine the role of the script in the edit
  • Park the script at the door of the editing room
  • The edit as a further ‘rewrite’
  • How once the filming starts – the material has its own life and is not dependent on the script anymore
  • Comparing and contrasting the shooting script and how the final film is different (scene order etc)
  • Examples – ‘Christie Malry…’, ‘The Falling’

About the Tutor

Chris Wyatt

BAFTA and BIFA nominated editor Chris Wyatt has enjoyed a diverse and successful career. Starting with short films and documentaries including Dreams of a Life, he then went on to work on feature films, such as This is England and Dead Man’s Shoes. Wyatt has also worked on TV series such as Secret Diary of a Call Girl and BBC’s Close to the Enemy. His more recent credits include ’71 and the critically-acclaimed God’s Own Country.

Book now to transform your career

Space is limited and tickets will go fast, so don't delay

"The work and the examples talked about & showed by the tutors was exceptionally inspiring"

Darja Butorina 


"Great fun, really informative and a friendly atmosphere"

​Alex Dawson

​Animation Director/ Editor

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