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The London Film School are offering a weekend of workshops, networking events and talks that can help you get your film out there. If you’re a jammer with a short or feature film sitting under your mattress, this course could provide you with answers for all the questions you may be having trouble finding yourself.

*This opportunity is taking place over the weekend of Friday 10th July & Saturday 11th July for a fee of £300*

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Jared Fryer

Jared Fryer, founder of Cinema Jam and editor-at-large of The Spread, is a London-based writer/director. After some early success in writing and directing theatre, Jared became well-acquainted with the Los Angeles film business while attending UCLA. Upon graduation he returned to his native England and worked for several years as a freelancer in London doing everything from producing to lighting to art department. Armed with this experience he returned to writing/directing and founded Cinema Jam to help other people in their film careers.

Posted on Jul 2, 2015

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