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Sammy Ward dives into “Pitch Perfect 2”, a musical sequel that takes the formula of the first film to higher highs under first-time director Elizabeth Banks.

They’re back pitches! In Pitch Perfect 2, the acca-awesome Barden Bellas return with a fun new soundtrack filled with excellent riff-offs and hilarious one-liners. As well as returning to the role as a capella competition commentator Gail, Elizabeth Banks also sits in the director’s chair for Pitch Perfect 2. Bigger performances with risqué show-stoppers and amazing harmonics show that 2 has larger production values and that Banks has taken full advantage.


After a devastating and extremely embarrassing performance in front of President Barack Obama, the Bellas are suspended from performing in the national circuit. In order for the Bellas to survive, they must compete in the international competition. Succeeding at this level seems an almost impossible feat, as the American team has never won it before.

Anna Kendrick returns as Beca, now a co-leader of the group, who tries to balance the fate of the Bellas whilst interning for a music producer. Beca is given a hard time by her new boss (Keegan-Michael Key) and the Bellas are pressuring her to find the group a new mix for the big competition.

This time Hailee Steinfeld joins the team as the talented newbie Emily Junk, a freshman and legacy Bella whose mother is a former Bella. Katey Sagal makes a short but sweet appearance as Katherine Junk, though her appearance is definitely too short and sadly the film doesn’t take full advantage of her brilliant singing voice.

620wtmj_pitchperfect (1)

There are, however, some great cameos and appearances throughout the film, including Snoop Dog himself. David Cross and the Green Bay Packers American football team make interesting and entertaining appearances as well. Then there’s German youtube sensation Flula Borg as Pieter, the co-leader of rival a capella group Das Sound Machine. A rivalry if ever there was one. 

The best thing about Pitch Perfect 2 is the diversity of the actors, who all provide a wonderful array of talent and entertainment. Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy is still the lovable rogue, and she brings more crazy and awkward moments than ever before. There’s also the matter of fact, misogynistic one-liners from co-commentator John (John Michael Higgins), who rivals Gail in their passive-aggressive commentary.

This sequel basically follows the exact same pattern and structure as before. The characters we love from Pitch Perfect all remain the same, however the performers keep it fresh with new songs, laughs and downright crazy antics. There are talks for a third, but if it’s serious they better think up a new formula for the plot, otherwise it will certainly get tiresome a third time round. Acca-scuse me!


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Posted on May 22, 2015

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