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Horns (USA, Canada, 2013; director: Alexandre Aja)


A cornucopia of horns, a visual feast for the horn-lovers all over the world? Rather not. More like another example of Daniel Radclife’s efforts to get rid of the Harry Potter days. And a successful one, even though the character resembles, strangely, a hobbit.


“I should shoot you right in the heart“, the main character (the horny one) is gently told. Why not between the horns? Because the movie aspires to be different from the ordinary kind of horror. Apart from some cheesy dialogue, lines spread thin in the action. They seem to come all the way from Shakespeare. Well, not the great man himself, rather his half-witted brother. These lines would be the most disturbing item, since they sound unnatural even for a scary movie. That is, if we leave apart the monologue.


We find ourselves clearly in the presence of a movie made by a professional of the horror genre (Piranha, made in 2010 proves it) helped by a thorough cast. And the image should be carefully considered: you can’t just shake your head when the cinematographer is Frederick Elmes (Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Kinsey).


The final product seeks to be a spiritual quest of sorts. Whether some ram horns can lead one onto the path of enlightenment, wisdom and omniscience, that’s for each moviegoer to decide. For my part, I feel like two bumps are growing on my forehead. That’s normal, right?


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Damian Cornel Horatiu graduated from at the Film Department of the “Babes-Bolyai” University from Cluj Napoca, Transilvania, Romania. He is also a graduate in Law and Journalism. Among his projects: The Contract (2009)- a fiction short, Boulevard of Labour (2009)- medium documentary and Evacuation (2010)- a documentary short. Now he is in the final stage of releasing his experimental film Element 1 (2013)- a fictional documentary distopia. He produced TV shows and wrote scripts.

Posted on Oct 26, 2013

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