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A “Best of British” round up wouldn’t be complete without quintessential comedy.

After all, Blighty is famous for its risqué humour and witty innuendo. So the Carry On franchise fits perfectly, like a cinematic naughty postcard from the seaside. More specifically, Carry On Camping (1969) encapsulates something very British indeed.

Firstly it stars the regular roster of rascals: Kenneth Williams, Sid James, Charles Hawtrey and even Babs Windsor in that infamous scene. It also revolves something of an odd national pastime; camping.

The story follows friends Sid James and Bernard Bresslaw who, along with their girlfriends, go on a camping vacation. However a mistake along the way leads them to a nudist resort (ooh-err missus!).

Let’s be honest though, the plotline doesn’t really matter does it?

Scandalous scenes including Barbara Windsor losing her bikini top via some rigorous chest expansion exercises are all part of the well-meaning, albeit predictable fun. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, this entry into the Carry On canon is still a classic.

There are wonderful things about the film, namely Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques teaming up as a mismatched pair. Jacques time after time to be a brilliant foil for Williams’ nervy character roles.

Although I was born nearly two decades after its release, I find nostalgia stirring in me. Perhaps I am just an old soul but Carry On Camping is certainly a British film I’d stock amongst my movie favourites.


Christabel Samuel is a writer, director and editor. Having graduated from University College London with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Film Studies she is now a self-taught filmmaker, writer and perpetual learner. She won funding in 2011 for Lust in Translation and has gone on to judge at the London Film Festival, been appointed Head of Film for The Book Magazine and is currently editor-in-chief for The Spread.

Posted on May 12, 2014

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