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Marija Makeska interviews Nathanael Wiseman, star of the new British thriller-drama “My Hero” and the gangster-comedy “Hackney’s Finest”.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 22.12.39 Nathanael (Nate) Wiseman is an actor and filmmaker from London. He has starred in a variety of productions for the stage and the screen, working mainly in comedic roles. His latest film, My Hero, is his first major dramatic role, in which he plays a young drug dealer who is forced to go on the run with a nine-year-old girl after a horrific fight with her father. Nathaniel also plays the lead role in the new gangster comedy Hackney’s Finest,  also about a small-time drug dealer though with a slightly more comedic tone. Additionally, he’s currently developing a number of TV and film projects with his own production company Redeeming Features. How did you start acting? A series of bad life decisions? Ha. No, I’ve always loved making people laugh right from an early age and have had an overactive imagination. I’m dyslexic, so school was great for the social side, but that’s about it. I joined a band as a singer, which kind of saved me, and it kind of evolved from that. I then went to the East 15 Acting School. What is your favorite role you’ve had?

At drama school it was probably Iago in Othello, because it was the first time they gave me a big lead role and it’s the holy grail of an iconic Shakespearean villain role. If you fuck that up you can’t really blame the writing! In the real world, it’s probably a character I did in this TV comedy pilot called Stevie International. Basically, myself and this veteran TV producer, Mike Bolland, created this character who was a very naïve – like cringeworthily naïve – wannabe pop singer from Stevenage who’s been raised by his gran and gets through X Factor to round 3, and then tries to make an ill-fated comeback. The show unfortunately didn’t go to series, but it was just a lot of fun to play this achingly innocent guy. They got me to audition for X Factor in character as him with a secret camera and I got through round one, just amazing! Then they rumbled us and put an injunction on the footage! Shame, it was very funny. I remember saying with complete sincerity and a straight face to a judge that “my dream is to create a new musical note!” Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 22.12.00 What was your feeling when you were cast for My Hero? The usual excitement, followed by growing dread. What was your favorite time on the set of My Hero? There was a scene that luckily has been cut, where I had to jump into a swimming pool naked and the director and DOP had to face me, although my bits were framed out. It was just hilarious, as they were more embarrassed than me. My DOP just kept going ‘aaarghh, my eyes!’ We’re in the grade now in Soho, so seeing the film on the big screen looking beautiful and all polished is quite amazing, and I’m very glad I don’t have to see that scene in high res… What are your future plans? To keep learning, growing as a filmmaker, bigger and better films as an actor. Expanding my production company Redeeming Features. Just doing good work with good people. What is your message to “The Spread” readers? I hope you like My Hero. Let’s take over the world and make great films! 4559200822

Marija Makeska is a writer, poet, filmmaker and a visual artist living in Detroit, USA. She enjoys spending her time with people from different cultures while working on various projects with pagan, or gothic themes.

Posted on May 4, 2015

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