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Dead Sexy 2014 Calendar (Fusion Video Pictures)

Marija Makeska interviews Dylan Sides of Fusion Video Pictures


Calendar 2014 movie poster

Not too far from Detroit, in a small place called New Boston in Michigan, is the home of the video motion pictures studio Fusion Video Pictures. It is a complete service where filmmakers can achieve their dreams for less charges and work around the budget they can afford. It provides filming, editing, set construction, props and costumes services, as well as services for photographers. The studio this year has decided to take a turn in developing a branded calendar of 2014 for Halloween and advertise it. The shoot took place inside the sound stage on September 22nd, and the owner Dylan Sides was very satisfied how it turned out.

Dylan, can you tell The Spread how you were prepared for this shoot and why did you decide on doing something new for the studio?

Well, first of all, we learned that Fusion Video Pictures has the usual way of attracting filmmakers who are interested in doing films with supernatural themes but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want other filmmaking styles to be incorporated. The idea of putting a production where you have a bunch of model zombies and a photographer who decides to photograph them sounded like a pretty new idea. We wanted to definitely do something different to bring some more attractive projects to the studio. We also love Halloween 365 days in a row; most of our productions have some kind of a Halloween feel.  As for the preparation, we had eleven zombie models, four Production Assistants and a photographer played by one of the best actors in Michigan; Mike Kelly. We had tremendously wonderful help from David McNutt who brought his big jib crane and Wayne Tensin was my camera operator. Christina Tomlison did costuming and make up, Katie Casebolt did make up, and the writer of the short was Kyle Parker. The lead zombie model was Rachel Elizabeth Porter.

Can you tell us more specifically what the story is?

The story is about a photographer who has a photoshoot with models, and all of a sudden a zombie model pops in and bites the model that is already on stage. The photographer goes very excited and tells the scared Production Assistants to call the other models for the shoot, and it turns into a chaotic environment in which zombies chase everyone. I am not going to tell you everything; I hope you see the video.

Did it take long time to prepare for the shoot?

Yes, whenever there is a shoot with special effects make up, there is a lot of preparation. Counting the 11 zombie models, we needed three and a half hours to prepare, shoot part of the scenes, do some make up changes, and then go back and shoot the rest of the scenes. The shoot and the preparation together took eleven hours. I constantly tell people to plan their time ahead, be earlier than expected and expect to have a long day. It was a lot of fun, though. We had some epic things going on the sounds stage. Our zombies were pretty and sexy. I hope people get our calendar.

Where can we expect to find your video and your calendar?

The video is going to be available on our youtube channel www.youtube.com/SPOUG and the calendar is going to be on our web site

fusionvideopictures (dot)com

For more behind-the-scenes action check out: fusionvideopictures.blogspot (dot)com

***The links to the fusionvideopictures website have been removed owing to a malware warning on the site ***



Marija Makeska is a writer, poet, filmmaker and a visual artist living in Detroit, USA. She enjoys spending her time with people from different cultures while working on various projects with pagan, or gothic themes.

Posted on Oct 26, 2013

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