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Every film, regardless of running time or subject matter, is a vehicle in which we are able to experience some sort of journey, whether it be a physical journey such as a road trip across America or a voyage to the stars, or an emotional one like a love story or a psychological thriller. December’s issue of The Spread, inspired by the influx of travel in the holiday season, is concerned more with those films that present physical journeys, films in which characters escape their mundane realities in search of romance, freedom, success, or truth.

A D Cooper looks at journeys from the ground up, using Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” and Christopher Vogler’s “The Writer’s Journey” to discuss the basic structure that makes up all popular stories and provide some tips for screenwriters. Lynn Klein chooses two of the archetypal cinematic journeys, road trips and space travel missions, and analyzes five films in each genre.

We also spoke to two people in the industry, our Jammer of the Month, director and writer Stephanie Zari, and actor/producer Emrhys Cooper, about their journeys in film and their current endeavors. Stephanie is currently in the process of producing a feature film, “In Our Blood”, while Emrhys, in his upcoming role in “Kushuthara – Pattern of Love” was the first western actor to star in a film from Bhutan.

Additionally, in observing trends in the industry, Juggy Sohal asks, do looks sell films, and can a supporting actor ever journey to the Realm of Leading Roles? I also question the future of animation studio Pixar – do all these sequels mean their journey as the leaders in cinematic creativity is over?

Two reviews round up the issue, Samantha Ward’s rave of the acclaimed “Nightcrawler” directed by newcomer Dan Gilroy, and  my analysis of Alexander Payne’s road trip classic “Sideways”.

Let us take you on a journey with this issue and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Cameron Johnson

Interim Editor


Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson is a writer and filmmaker born in England, based in Michigan, USA, and currently living in Enniscrone, Ireland. He writes about all things entertainment with a speciality in film criticism. He has been working on films ever since middle school, when his shorts "Moving Stateside" and "The Random News" competed in the West Branch Children's Film Festival. Since then he's written and directed a number of his own films and worked in many different crew jobs. Follow him on Twitter @GambasUK and look at his daily film diary at letterboxd.com/gambasUK.

Posted on Dec 1, 2014

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