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As part of the Filmmaker’s Toolkit issue, Juggy Sohal presents a few tips on growing your online presence…

Whether a writer or film-maker, one thing both have in common is the desire to break into the industry and get their work noticed. That is why it is essential to create you own online brand. Social media is a key promotional tool in this day and age and it displays to employers or industry experts how you are being active in this search to progress your career.

One thing I have learnt in my own quest to develop an online persona is that looking for a job is a job in itself. Gone are the days where you could call up a company and get some experience, nowadays everyone has to acknowledge the strengths of the internet and use it to their advantage.

The first step is to fine-tune your craft and create a body of work to show future employers. If you’re a writer start writing articles/reviews/screenplays which suit your area of expertise. Or for a film-maker have a short film/show-reel produced – anything that you are passionate about pursuing as a career, have a portfolio of work ready to display your talents. The samples show to potential employers and collaborators that you are worth investing in. They may not be expecting a high quality production however will be looking for vision and creativity.

The second step is to promote your work to the public and the best way to achieve this is social media. There are so many tools to use. Get on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram and distinguish a profile on each that visualises what you are about. Use it as a platform to promote your work, establish the career route you want to pursue and then follow all the companies that you want to work for and the people you believe can help you get there.social-media-icons-download-erlen-website

Finally, use your social media profiles to find out when events are happening and attend. Go there to mingle, get advice and get your name out there. Employers want to see that individuals are first of all talented in their specific field and secondly that they are being active in their search. Any upcoming writer or film-maker needs social media as a brilliant marketing tool and in this modern age is it essential to use this to the highest potential. Just be proactive.


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Posted on Jun 6, 2014

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