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Hercules Filmnetwork – The Future Of Independent Cinema and Social Networking

How many of us independent filmmakers have never had a problem with funding, building audience crowds, having our films distributed and viewed properly? The answer is none. Everyone has difficult time financing the films, finding a reliable crew and cast, building audience and distributing our films to world known festivals and internet platforms. Our voices get immediately crushed by the public and government funding due to the strong selection, and Internet platforms that don’t have all of the needed tools for our ambitions to survive. It is also very costly to move to Hollywood to pitch a single film to the studio executives, so what do we do instead? A start-up company is about to change this, called Hercules Filmnetwork. hercules logo 2

Hercules Filmnetwork has been around as an idea for three years. It is a production network enabling film production, financing and distribution. It is a digital film factory for independent filmmakers, creating a global film network for film creators and movie lovers.

The whole idea of Hercules Filmnetwork is to ease the collaborative efforts between the film crews, and to reach their audiences. For example, if someone is from New Jersey, but needs a Russian crew because they are shooting in Russia, the production network will be a bridge for building all the crews, videos, promotions, and schedules. Since the film needs funding, the project will be pitched to the global audience by building their crowd before the actual project is available to get funded. When the film is completed, the audience will be able to view it, and it will be available for purchasing on-demand and distribution to any place around the world.

“People are very fascinated by participating in movies, and they are willing to collaborate together. It is a collaboration between the filmmakers and the fans, enabling everyone to get involved in the film world.” said Roman Tolic, CEO of Hercules Filmnetwork, “Every year 40 000 people go to California to be part of the Entertainment world. The process of filmmaking is the most exciting one. Everyone who’s been in a film knows how the adrenaline flows. What are we waiting for? Let us create the new social digital platform for millions of people, the Hollywood on the web.” hercules filmnetwork

Hercules FilmNetwork could be the next big platform after Youtube and Facebook. There will be an unlimited number of community films created by the Internet crowds. The interaction between the Producers and the Consumers will be eased. Hercules wants to serve and help those independent filmmakers without access to professional networking, online cinema, online shop and crowd funding.

It has been nominated internationally five times as “the best of”: in Silicon Valley 2010 (top 40 worldwide), Brussels 2011, Barcelona 2011 (top 10 in Europe), Istanbul 2012 (top 10) and Heidelberg 2013 (top 10 “advanced stage” in Europe).The startup company is interested in funding / investment capital for the development of the release version and market entry. To visit the Hercules Filmnetwork page, please go to www.herculesfilm.com


Marija Makeska is a writer, poet, filmmaker and a visual artist living in Detroit, USA. She enjoys spending her time with people from different cultures while working on various projects with pagan, or gothic themes.

Posted on Jan 14, 2014

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