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Give Leo an Oscar! One milestone in Film would be awarding Leonardo Dicaprio with an Oscar. I am going to tell you why I want this to happen.

Very rarely do we get actors who can make such an impact on both male and female audiences and that can turn their hand to any kind of role thrown at them. Women appreciate his looks, while men want to be him. But everybody appreciates his acting talents.


Nominated now FOUR TIMES now for the “Best Actor” award at the Academy Awards, each time Dicaprio has lost out, much to the outcry of fans and actors alike. His first nomination was all the way back in 1994 where he had a supporting role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. He soon started to gain more attention as he took the lead in Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet. However his breakout performance came in 1997 where he shone as the underprivileged Jack Dawson, opposite Kate Winslet in the iconic Titanic. He garnered worldwide acclaim and sky rocketed to film stardom.

Soon the roles came flooding in and his partnership with legendary director Martin Scorcese has been one formidable double act in Hollywood, guaranteeing box office hits.

It began with the Howard Hughes biopic The Avaiator (2004), followed by crime drama The Departed (2006). Their most recent collaboration was the thriller Shutter Island, where his role as Teddy cemented his ability to dabble in all genres. Dicaprio does Thrillers, Comedies, Crime, Romance. All have been hit! His versatility should be celebrated. img1

2013 was another big year for him with his role as Jay in the ensemble piece The Great Gatsby and as ambitious salesman with a taste for the high life Jordan Belfort in the classic comedy The Wolf Of Wall Street. This portrayal earned him his forth nomination and I am sure he will get plenty more.

But when will Leo finally get to celebrate? If you’re with me, then let’s cross our fingers for 2015.


Juggy Sohal is a writer from Bedford, who having achieved a BA in English and FIlm/Television at Brunel University in London, has been looking to make a name for himself in the writing world. Being a film and television fanatic, he has written many scripts in his spare time ranging from short films to sitcoms and one day hopes for his work to be played out on the big screen.

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