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Cinema Jam returned to the Berlin International Film Festival this year for a night of free drinks, free love, and new friends. Jammers both old and new from all industries and countries met at the Primitiv Bar in Friedrichshain to mingle and be merry.


As a special gimmick, everyone was given a puzzle piece in order to find their film fling, or with a bit of luck even a cinema soulmate. Matches were soon found and with the treat of a free drink, new connections and friendships were forged. 

5cjberlinale7Actors, writers, directors, animation artists and many more exchanged ideas, talked about the best, the worst and all films in between of the festival, and enjoyed the atmosphere underlined by our very own DJ. Our ever-dedicated founder Jared Fryer tried his best giving a speech, but neither his guests, nor the noisy electric bird behind the bar were patient enough to let him say more than the most important.


In the end, Cinema Jam has found new members to make our collective even more diverse, and everyone enjoyed themselves at yet another successful event that was all the more special thanks to the Berlin festival mood. 

“We were very happy to return to Berlin and be once again warmly and enthusiastically welcomed again by the international film making community gathered there,” said Cinema Jam founder Jared Fryer.


Lynn Klein is a journalist currently doing a print journalism MA at Sheffield. Unsurprisingly, she's a film buff with a love for art and indie film. Her favourite cinema is the Duke of Yorks in Brighton. Other interests include books, coffee and travelling.

Posted on Mar 2, 2015

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