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The limited edition Andrei Tarkovsky Deluxe Collection packs a raft of classic films and extensive bonus content, courtesy of Curzon Artificial Eye.

The remastered Blu-ray collection features seven of the most celebrated films from the career of legendary Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky as well as a bonus disc of special features and a 178 page book that contains information from the single editions and exclusive content.

The RRP currently stands at £99.99 and the run has been limited to 1000 units so if you’re a big fan of Tarkovsky’s work you may want to snap it up sooner rather than later. The set is currently available for preorder on TarkovskyCollection.com and it will be released to buy on May 15th.

If you’re a little on-the-fence about it, or don’t know very much about Andrei Tarkovsky’s work and would like to find out a bit more, then we have just the thing. The Spread’s very own John Higgins and Miranda Mungai have reviewed all of the remastered copies of the films featured in the collection for us over the course of last year and you can find the links for each one below.

Andrei Rublev: http://cinemajam.com/mag/movie-reviews/andrei-rublev

Mirror: http://cinemajam.com/mag/movie-reviews/mirror

Ivan’s Childhood: http://cinemajam.com/mag/movie-reviews/ivans-childhood

Solaris: http://cinemajam.com/mag/movie-reviews/solaris

The Sacrifice: http://cinemajam.com/mag/movie-reviews/sacrifice

Stalker: http://cinemajam.com/mag/movie-reviews/stalker

Nostalgia: http://cinemajam.com/mag/movie-reviews/nostalgia

Mark Birrell

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Posted on May 14, 2017