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“Lucifer” actor Kevin Alejandro talks directing amidst the success of his debut short “Bedtime Story”

Hannah Greenwood talks to actor Kevin Alejandro (known for his roles on Lucifer, Arrow and True Blood) about...

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Caitlin Shannon and Daniel Fazio discuss their hit comedy web series “Wimpole Street”

The Spread talks to writer/director/star Caitlin Shannon and DOP/producer Daniel Fazio about their exquisite p...

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Neville Pierce – director of “Bricks”, “Ghosted” and “Lock In”

Prolific film critic, writer and director Neville Pierce talks to us about his recently released collection of...

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Queer animation pioneer Kate Jessop on creating Tales From Pussy Willow

We chat to writer and director Kate Jessop about her much lauded animated web series Tales From Pussy Willow i...

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