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Edward Wragg

E. M. Wragg is a 25 year old Actor majoring in sarcasm and writing in third person.
E. M. Wragg is a 25 year old Actor majoring in sarcasm and writing in third person.

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Does “Gifted” go one calculation too far?

By   June 21, 2017

Gifted is a film full of heart and chemistry, writes Edward Wragg, but is it enough to shake the feeling of Hollywood formula? The last time we saw Chris Evans he’d hung up his shield and was breaking his friends out of a maximum security prison. You could therefore be forgiven for thinking the, “quiet, […]

When Setting Meets Genre: What makes a Western a Western?

By   June 17, 2017

Edward Wragg breaks down the many faces of the Western genre and how they’ve revealed themselves to audiences over the decades. Clint Eastwood’s eyes, Steve McQueen’s draw and Charles Bronson’s entrancing harmonica. It’s fair to say that Westerns certainly cast a nostalgic shadow over our cinematic landscape. A land where dialogue can consist of a […]

Remakes, Reboots & Reimaginings – Has Hollywood run out of ideas?

By   March 6, 2017

They say originality is dead, well they may be right. Why are Hollywood remakes so prevalent and are they really such a bad thing? Edward Wragg takes a look at the trend. There’s a collective groan from cinephiles the world over at the mere mention of the word ‘Remake’. Keyboard warriors all over proclaim, “HOW […]

Oscars 2017: Let’s put the Great back into Great Expectations

By   February 11, 2017

Edward Wragg shares his thoughts on this year’s awards season as we build up to the Oscars ceremony of 2017. It’s incredibly hard to escape politics these days. Between Trump and Brexit it’s fair to say that, whichever side of that immigrant stopping wall you sit, 2016 was an eventful year and not all what […]

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