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Lisa Fontaine

Lisa Fontaine

Lisa Fontaine is a London based director, writer and student. She studies film at University of Greenwich. She is the founder of cult and independent cinema site www.bloodpopcorn.com. Her work often explores the surreal and the perverse. She particularly likes to write about the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, the Czech New Wave, and the fascist aesthetic in Italian exploitation and erotic cinema.

Articles by Lisa Fontaine

The Theatre of the Absurd: Jan Švankmajer’s food-obsessed political shorts

By Lisa Fontaine November 2, 2015

Lisa Fontaine picks out some of the most innovative shorts from the collection of surrealist Czech filmmaker Jan Švankmajer. Grotesque and absurd are probably the first words that spring to mind when thinking of Jan Švankmajer’s films. Niche is another. As a self-proclaimed “militant surrealist”, Švankmajer’s unapologetically bizarre films have long fallen victim to the Western European […]

Justin Kurzel brings stylish ultraviolence to “Macbeth”

Lisa Fontaine charges into battle with Macbeth, Justin Kurzel’s stylish update of the classic Shakespearian tale. Ultraviolence, fantasy, kings, and reimaginings of the Middle Ages have been capturing the public imagination lately. So it comes with little surprise that the bloody epic that perfects all these things, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, has gotten another adaptation in these […]

#ThisIsWhatADirectorLooksLike: challenging gender stereotypes in the film industry

By Lisa Fontaine October 5, 2015

Guest writer Lisa Fontaine discusses gender stereotypes in the film industry, looking at the way actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Rose McGowan are breaking down barriers by working behind the camera. Anti-gender stereotype campaigns have created a storm in the media since the arrival of the ‘this is what an engineer looks like’ hashtag. […]

Taking on the World Wide Web – Women & the Web-Series

Guest writer Lisa Fontaine explores how some female filmmakers are subverting the inequality of the film industry by taking to the Internet and creating hit web shows.  “Nobody gives you power, you just take it” – Roseanne Barr With the ratio of men to women working in films being 6:1, this month’s hot topic of women in […]

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