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Jared Fryer

Jared Fryer

Jared Fryer, founder of Cinema Jam and editor-at-large of The Spread, is a London-based writer/director. After some early success in writing and directing theatre, Jared became well-acquainted with the Los Angeles film business while attending UCLA. Upon graduation he returned to his native England and worked for several years as a freelancer in London doing everything from producing to lighting to art department. Armed with this experience he returned to writing/directing and founded Cinema Jam to help other people in their film careers.

Articles by Jared Fryer

Sol Bondy interview – producer of One Two Films

By Jared Fryer June 2, 2016

Jared Fryer talks with the award-winning producer who continues to make waves at Berlinale and across Europe. Cinema Jam recently sat down with Sol Bondy, prolific producer and co-founder of One Two Films, to talk about his career, company, and the art of producing movies. Can you talk a bit about One Two Films, how […]

John Smithson interview – “Sherpa” producer

By Jared Fryer December 16, 2015

The Spread interviews John Smithson, producer of Mount Everest documentary “Sherpa”. In 2013 news channels around the world reported an ugly brawl at 21,000ft as European climbers fled a mob of angry Sherpas. Determined to explore what was going on, a group of filmmakers set out to make a film from the Sherpas’ point of […]

Call for Short Film Projects for European Short Pitch 2018

By Jared Fryer July 27, 2015

European Short Pitch is an initiative aimed at promoting the European coproduction of short films. It combines a scriptwriting workshop in residency and a coproduction forum bringing together scriptwriters, directors and industry professionals from all over Europe. Selected on the basis of their short film projects, 20 European talents gather to discuss, rewrite, and learn to promote their stories on a […]

GURU Lounge at London Indian Film Festival

By Jared Fryer July 15, 2015

The London Indian Film Festival are offering a guide to the South Asian film industry for any film industry professionals interested in co-production, acting in or shooting their next project in India.  There will be 20-minute LEGAL AND TAX SURGERIES with Lee Stone on Monday 20th July & a seminar on the DISTRIBUTION AND EXHIBITION OF […]

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